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Monthly Archives: January 2023

    Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring

    By John Freund | January 31, 2023

    Many people think that spring is the busiest, and therefore best, time to buy a home. However, there are actually many advantages to buying a home before the spring housing rush. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to move before spring: 1) You’ll have more negotiating power – With fewer buyers... Read More

    Why You Shouldn’t Fear Today’s Foreclosure Headlines

    By John Freund | January 30, 2023

    If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably seen headlines proclaiming that foreclosures are on the rise. This may have you feeling concerned about the stability of the housing market. However, it’s important to remember that these headlines don’t tell the whole story. The reality is that the media is using stats from... Read More

    The 3 Factors That Affect Home Affordability

    By John Freund | January 27, 2023

    If you’re looking to buy a home, there are a few things you need to take into account. Of course, you’ll need to save up for a down payment and have a good credit score. But there are other factors that play into whether or not you can afford a home. In this blog post,... Read More

    Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right.

    By John Freund | January 26, 2023

    If you’re planning to sell your house, it’s important to price it right. With the housing market still slowing down in response to higher mortgage rates, Prices have yet to rebound back to their pre-crash highs.. So, if you want to sell your house soon, you need to be realistic about what you can expect... Read More

    Pre-Approval in 2023: What You Need To Know

    By John Freund | January 25, 2023

    Pre-approval is one of the first steps in your homebuying journey. In order to understand why it’s such an important step, you need to understand what pre-approval is and what it does for you. Pre-approval is when a lender reviews your financial information and gives you an estimate of how much they would be willing... Read More

    Have Home Values Hit Bottom?

    By John Freund | January 24, 2023

    Have Home Values Hit Bottom? For many people, the biggest question about the housing market is whether or not home values have hit bottom. While there are a number of factors that can affect home values, overall, prices have been slowly creeping up since hitting lows in 2012. However, some people hope to see another... Read More

    Think Twice Before Waiting for 3% Mortgage Rates

    By John Freund | January 19, 2023

    There’s a lot of talk about mortgage rates potentially dropping this year. While some are advising home buyers to wait it out in hopes of 3% interest rates, Experts are saying something different. So what’s the best advice? We talked to a few real estate experts to get their take. Read on for more. You... Read More

    What Past Recessions Tell Us About the Housing Market

    By John Freund | January 18, 2023

    What Past Recessions Tell Us About the Housing Market The housing market is one of the most important aspects of the economy, and recessions can have a major impact on it. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what past recessions tell us about the housing market and what we can expect in... Read More

    Is It Time To Sell Your Second Home?

    By John Freund | January 17, 2023

    During the pandemic, second homes became popular because of the rise in work-from-home flexibility. That’s because owning a second home, especially in the luxury market, allowed those homeowners to spend more time in their favorite places or with different home features. Keep in mind, a luxury home isn’t only defined by price. In a recent article, Investopedia shares... Read More

    Today’s Housing Market Is Nothing Like 15 Years Ago

    By John Freund | January 16, 2023

    There’s no doubt today’s housing market is very different than the frenzied one from the past couple of years. In the second half of 2022, there was a dramatic shift in real estate, and it caused many people to make comparisons to the 2008 housing crisis. While there may be a few similarities, when looking at key... Read More