Design ideas by the pros who know!

Are you thinking of new design ideas for your home? 

It looks like clean lines and soft tones is a style that never gets old. The bold colors in the bathroom allow for more of a dramatic feel.

Tips when selling: When selling it's always safer to stay with neutral tones so the buyers can get a feel of what their furniture and belongings will look like in the home. Adding pops of color through decor is always a great strategy when staging.As a seller you always want to appeal to the most buyers. Throwing a dark purple on the walls may be a statement piece for you but a potential buyer may feel overwhelmed with paint and it could cause them to question how much they actually love the home. 

Tips for home owners: Do what YOU like! If you like bold colors, paint bold colors! If you like that wall paper, put up the wall paper! The mural in the babies room is perfect for her, well then do it! Just keep in mind that if you do decide to sell later down the road you may want to consider painting more neutral tons. But for now ENJOY IT!!

Take a look at these sophisticated designs for some inspiration!

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