Bay Colony, Dickinson, TX

Bay Colony is located in League City/Dickinson, TX with a zip code of 77539. There are several sections within Bay Colony, some of which are building new homes.

Bay Colony is conveniently located just minutes away from I45 so getting around is easy. Located 20 miles from Galveston and 20 miles to downtown Houston you are never too far from home. Bay Colony is located close to entertainment, daycares, grocery stores, restaurants and more. You never have to venture too far from home if you do not want to.

There were 111 homes sold in Bay Colony in 2018 ranging in price between $116,000 to $256,000. The average days on the market for homes sold in Bay Colony was 40 and the average price per square foot was $106.15.

Students living in Bay Colony attend Dickinson School District. Elementary students attend Bay Colony Elementary, Calder Elementary or Lobit Elementary. Middle school aged children attend Dunbar Middle School or Lobit Middle school. All high school students living in Dickinson attend Dickinson High School.

Dickinson Independent School District is an accredited school district and all school have met the academic standard required by the state. The Dickinson ISD Mission Statement is to ensure that all the students have safe and successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives.

If you are looking to purchase a home in Bay Colony give the Freund Group a call 281-479-6683.

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