The True Meaning of Memorial Day

It’s not just another day off from work, it means so much more. Memorial Day is a day to observe and commiserate the people who have died in our Nation’s service. These men and women have sacrificed it all to protect our country and made the Ultimate sacrifice.  

Through the years Memorial Day has somewhat diminished over the years. Graves of soldiers have become neglected and bare.  Instead of just eating hot dogs and going to the beach or pool, why not take some time to honor those who have sacrificed so much for us?


A great way to honor and remember those brave soldiers who have died protecting our country is to visit cemeteries and place flags on the graves of those fallen soldiers. Even if you don’t particularly know the soldier you can always pay your respect to them. 

Another way to celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day is to visit memorials built to honor fallen soldiers. In Cy Champ Park here in Houston there is a lovely Memorial dedicated to those from Texas who have given their lives defending the United States of America in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation New Dawn) and in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom).

On Memorial Day be sure to fly your US Flag at half staff until noon. Also, participate in a National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm to pause and think what the true meaning of the holiday is all about. The idea for the Moment was born when children touring the Nation’s Capital were asked by the Commission’s Director what Memorial Day means. They responded, “That’s the day the pool opens.”

Let’s not let a day when we are to honor the valor of so many soldiers, turn into a holiday with no meaning. Pay your respects and dig deep and think about what the day truly means. I you have children be sure to reiterate what the day means and let them be a part of your celebration.

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