To replace or not to replace the carpet in a home I am selling, that is the question....

So, you have been living in your lovely home for ten plus years and never really noticed how dingy the carpet is until you decided to list your home. Or maybe you have noticed it and have put off getting new carpet because you knew you would be selling and you wouldn’t necessarily get to enjoy your new carpet. Either way, it may be time to replace or it may be a better idea to offer a carpet allowance.

How will you know what the best option is? Your Realtor will help you in the right direction with this question. An experienced agent, like one from The Freund Group, will know exactly how to combat your carpeting woes.

A few questions your Realtor may ask are:

1. At this time can you financially afford replacing the carpet? If the answer is yes, then replacing the carpet is usually the best solution. If replacing is what is recommended be sure to replace ALL existing carpet so as all carpeting will match and look fresh and complete. If a home has different carpet in several rooms, the flow of the home may be off putting to potential buyers.

2. If you cannot afford to replace the carpet then it may be a good idea to get several quotes for carpeting or another flooring option such as laminate, tile or hardwoods. Having this estimate ahead of time and perhaps leaving it in the home for showings will give the prospective buyers a better idea of what it may costs to replace. You must be aware that this may cause buyers to offer lower offers if the price does not reflect a possible carpet replace or flooring replace.

3. Are you in a tight time frame for moving? If this is the case, offering a carpeting/flooring allowance may be a better option. This will give buyers the ability to choose their own flooring and it may sway any low ball offers. Your Realtor will market your property with the carpet allowance included. Remember that pictures on the internet are what get buyers in to see your property, so if the carpet is a mess sometimes buyers may swipe through and move on. Having the flooring allowance in public remarks will however show that there is an allowance.

4. Do you think this home will be more of an investor opportunity? If your agent feels the home is more of an investor opportunity, replacing the carpet may not be the best option. Marketing the home with the “ugly” carpet in mind when pricing may be a consideration. Most investors will be replacing things like flooring anyhow. If the price is right an investor can see past the ugly, stained carpet.

5. Does the carpet need to be replaced or would a deep cleaning solve the problem? If your carpet isn’t to terribly bad a deep cleaning may be another option. Your Realtor can point you in the direction of a trusted company to help get the job done. If you choose this option be sure to have the carpets cleaned before any photos of the property are taken for marketing.

There is no definitive answer on what is best, but every situation is different. Your Realtor will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

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