League City Fun Facts #2

Did you know…………..

League City is the only community in the area with a revenue stream specifically dedicated to amateur athletics.

Big League Field of Dreams hosts numerous tournaments, events, soccer games, baseball, and softball. In 1998 two brothers, Rick and Jeff Odekirk, both former baseball players, had a dream to build and operate a family recreational facility that would give the average youth or adult player the chance to have the feeling of playing in the “big leagues.” This was the start of Big League Field of Dreams.

Chester L. Davis Sportsplex is another one of League City’s amateur athletic streams. The Sportsplex hosts tournaments, events, football, soccer volleyball, etc. League City has reached an agreement that included funding for building a new sportsplex and turning the current Sportsplex into a mixed-use development. The space will include spaces designed for live entertainment, hotels, shops, restaurants, professional sports, offices and more.

But don’t worry the epicenter will also fund the design and constructions of a new, much larger sportsplex to replace the Davis Sportsplex. The new sportsplex will be built on 106 acres of city-owned land on the west end of Ervin Avenue, west of I-45.

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