Moving is a Drab Even When it Goes Well.

Let's face it we all know moving is pain but I have a few tips that can make your move less of a pain than it already is.

Whether you are excited about the new home you are moving to or maybe it's a not so pleasant move, moving can be the pits! Follow some simple tips and make your next move a little more tolerable!

First and foremost, Choose WISELY. By saying this we mean be sure to have enough room for the things you are moving. If you are downsizing NOW would be a great time to have a garage sale or to start giving/selling things you can part with. If you are moving to a larger home, now is still a great time to get rid of things that are just laying around catching dust. It will be a start of all things new. Out with the old and in with the new! It may be time to part with that dining room chair that you said you would fix years ago or the "just in case the other breaks" microwave that is sitting in the garage. To add to the choosing wisely tip, be sure to choose the correct size of moving vehicle for the load. If you are moving an entire house full of furniture and belongings be sure to get a good idea of how big of a moving truck you will be in need of.

MAKE A PLAN! Before you put away anything a box, create an itemized list of everything that should be done and FOLLOW it as you go. If you are using movers you should also take an inventory as you pack. Place labels on boxes of which room each box should be placed in. For the larger furniture place tags on the items labeling rooms for an easy move.

COMMUNICATE: Once you have a plan make sure you speak and communicate with your movers and any people "fortunate" enough to help. The more information they have the less chaotic the move will be. If you are moving into a condo or an apartment, ask your landlord about any information you may need to know about moving. For instance, there may be service elevators that can be reserved for your moving day.

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