Should I paint my house neutral colors when selling?

As Realtors we are often asked about aesthetics of a home and what can be done to help the home to appeal to everyone. One of the questions we sometimes come across is, “what color should I paint my walls, so buyers will feel at home?” There is not one correct answer to this question but with some color psychology you can get a better idea on what colors will help your home feel more inviting to potential buyers.

Everyone reacts to colors differently. A bright yellow room may be scary to a child but a joy to an adult. A room painted green may trigger happiness for someone and The Blues and disgust for someone else. Advertisers often use colors to trigger their audiences. We can’t make everyone happy with our color choices, but we can try to appeal to many.

When painting the outside of your home you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible. You may love the color purple but DON’T paint your house purple. Doing so would cut a large number of potential buyers out of the picture. When considering an exterior color look at your neighborhood and find a color that is cohesive with other homes in the neighborhood. Some of the most popular exterior colors are: white, gray, blue tan/brown, cream, beige, green, red, yellow. The muted neutral hues at the top of the list are most strongly recommended. Light neutral shades help make a home appear new and fresh. Lighter colors are also less likely to fade over time. Be sure to check with your HOA when planning to paint the exterior of your home, there may be certain restrictions.

When deciding on trim, shutters and doors, sticking with the colors above is a safe bet but with these things you have a little more freedom. Your front door should be warm and welcoming. Bright blues and reds work well on front doors.

For the interior, stick with light, neutral colors as the help rooms to look more spacious and cleaner. A primer can cover any dirt, stains and out of style color schemes you might be looking to conceal.

Try to focus on the first room the buyers enter. If painting all the rooms in your home isn’t feasible be sure to paint those rooms that are too bright and those that aren’t gender neutral. As much as it pains you, it would be advised to paint your princesses’ pink room a neutral color.

Be reminded that buyers need to picture themselves living in your home with their personal items. The orange accent wall you have that goes with the couch pillows may not work with their belongings.

Painting your home to appeal to more buyers is just one of the many ways to help make your home sell that much faster. Read our blog about whether you should replace your carpet when selling you home, whether to convert your garage into a room or not to, and things you should do to get your home ready to sell.

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