Test your Houston Rodeo knowledge.

Do you think you know all there is to know about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo? Test out your knowledge with The Freund Group’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo quiz.

1.    Which act has performed the most times at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?

a.    Alan Jackson

b.    Alabama

c.    Wynonna Judd

d.    George Strait

2.    Who was the first big-name entertainer to play the rodeo?

a.    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

b.    Gene Autry, the “Singing Cowboy”

c.    TV cowboy Hopalong Cassidy

d.    Future president Ronald Reagan

3.    The Houston Fatstock Show and Livestock Exposition began in:

a.    1965

b.    1945

c.    1931

d.    1950

4.    The first show held an attendance of:

a.    2,000

b.    45,000

c.    550

d.    65,000

5.    When was the World’s Championship BBQ Contest developed?

a.    1985

b.    1961

c.    1974

d.    1979

6.     Which country music star preformed their first official live concert in the Astrohall?

a.    Garth Brooks

b.    George strait

c.    Alan Jackson

d.    Kenny Chesney

7.    Where was the very first Houston Fatstock Show and Livestock Exposition held?

a.    Sam Houston Hall in downtown Houston

b.    Astrodome

c.    The Summit

d.    Houston Post Dispatch building

8.    When were musical guests added to the show?

a.    1940’s

b.    1950’s

c.    1960’s

d.    1970’s

9.    What year did The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo move to Reliant Stadium?

a.    2005

b.    2006

c.    2001

d.    2003

10.   What Country and western super star will preform at this year’s rodeo?

a.    Brooks and Dunn

b.    George Straight

c.    Chris Stapleton

d.    All of the above

Click here for a complete lineup of entertainers that will be preforming at this year’s Livestock Show and Rodeo.


If you are thinking about relocating to Houston or you know someone who is, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is just one of the many things that makes our City GREAT!


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Answers are: 1.c,2.b,3.c,4.a,5.c,6.b,7.a,8.a,9.d.,10.d