Don't want to look like this when purchasing a home?


When buying a home there are many do's and don'ts that if you don't follow, you may regret it later.  When your trusted real estate agent advises you not to do certain things when purchasing a home, your best bet is to give heed to their helpful advice.  Below are a few BIG NO NO's when purchasing a home.  Number 4 may shock you!

  • #7 DON'T go to closing without a final walk-through.  It's the day of closing and instead of performing a final walk-through you prefer to take your chances and close anyhow, what happens when that chandelier you specifically asked to stay is gone?  Those drapes that you fell in love with are packed up and headed with the seller?  Or even worse, there is a hole in the ceiling the seller accidentally did the night before closing?  If you have sat down at closing and signed papers, what's done is done and you are stuck with consequences of not performing that final walk-through.
  • #6 DON'T use anyone other than recommended professionals. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments in your life why would you trust anyone but a professional for your process? Be sure to check out their reviews.
  • #5 DON'T make major purchases at this time, ie., car, boat, furniture on a credit card. Please be sure to wait until after closing to purchase any big ticket items.  Doing so during the purchase process could ruin your chances of buying.
  • #4 DON'T become best friends with the seller.  You may have a few encounters with the seller during the buying process but do not exchange numbers and chit chat about the deal.  The seller may have the best intentions when he says he will repair something or leave an item, but "if it is not in writing it is not happening" is the best rule of thumb.  Sometimes the seller may think you agreed to something that you did not intend to.
  • #3 DON'T use part-time or experienced Realtors.  The stakes are big in a real estate purchase, so why wouldn't you hire someone who invests their full professional capacity to serving their client's needs?
  • #2 DON'T buy without an inspection.  The home may look to be in pristine condition but you really don't know what is behind the walls unless you hire a professional inspector.  You really need to know what you are buying and if there are repairs that need to be negotiated with the seller.
  • #1 DON'T do it alone.  You are making one of the biggest investments of your LIFE why would you ever attempt to do it alone?!?! Call us today and we can help make your buying process a smooth and memorable one!


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